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"Amy is a very skilled, effective massage therapist, and I highly recommend her services." ~RJ, Edmonds, WA

"Amy is an awesome massage therapist!! She always knows just what to do to help me feel better.  She is truly a wonder with her healing hands and compassionate heart!" ~DP, Portland, OR

"I have been going to Amy Bean for massage for over 2 years now and I want everyone to know that she has miracle hands.   She knows just by laying her hands on you what part of your body needs the most attention. Amy has become more that just my LMT, she has become a great friend that has great advice on more than just the human body. Once you get a massage from her, you will return!." ~SS, Portland, OR

"Amy rocks!  I've been seeing Amy for over 7 years and would highly recommend her skills.  If everyone that I referred to her showed up, she wouldn't be able to handle the business.  Amy, I appreciate everything you have done for me and I hope to work with you for many years to come.  Thanks for being you."  ~LZ, Portland, OR

"I have been seeing Amy for 6 years. I suffered from chronic pain for over 20 years, which she helped me handle with monthly massage therapy. I recently had spinal fusion L4-L5 and was in a lot of muscular pain in hips and low back. After being treated by Amy, my muscle pain has dimished greatly. Thank you Amy for your healing hands!! I appreciate you very much for your caring and friendship." ~GP, Portland, OR

"Your office space is calming, nurturing and beautiful.  Thank you!" ~CW, Portland OR

Occupational Massage Program Comments:

"Amy Bean is FABULOUS. She's really skilled at providing therapy and a super nice person too."  ~JG

"Amy was amazing. I was skeptical at first, but I simply cannot believe the relief I feel and I feel like a new person! I would highly recommend amy to anyone needing help with pain relief." ~ND

"Amy is the best therapist I've ever visited!" ~ES

"Good listener, feedback, and sessions helped bring down my pain. Very knowledgeable on pain and muscles associated with the pain." ~MR

"Amy is AWESOME. Highly recommend this program.  Thank you!!" ~JS

"Amy was very helpful and I experienced great improvement in my symptoms.  She trained me in things I need to improve further." ~TS

"A great therapist, and the program has been helpful too." ~LZ

"I found the sessions very helpful.  Amy did a wonderful job of explaining what she was doing and why." ~TV