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Benefits of Massage

Touch is the foundation of the sacred healing arts and has been used for millennia, in every culture, on every continent of the world. The uses are immeasurable, and can be customized to any situation, person or condition. Healthy touch is something that is lacking in the society we find ourselves in today. Lack of time and energy are key pieces of this puzzle, as are insufficient knowledge of the effects and benefits, and the stigma attached to touching on a larger scale.

Self-care is grossly overlooked in our lives.   We rush through our days, attempting to accomplish more than is typically humanly possible! With career, family, household functions and time for play (which frequently leaves us even more depleted!) there is little time for true relaxation where our minds can simply take leave of our daily responsibilities - television does not count!

Massage is one way to allow our innate Wisdom to express itself, and do what is in the best interest of our health.   The alternative to self-care is a frenzied, stressful and damaging way of living. We are better able to share our talents and gifts with the world and those we love when we come from a place of peace and balance with our very best, Radiant Self.

The benefits of regular massage range from deep relaxation to improved athletic performance and everywhere in between. Body-Mind effects include:

  • improved circulation
  • improved digestion
  • increased lymphatic flow
  • strengthened immune function
  • more restful, rejuvenating sleep
  • increased joint mobility
  • flexibility and body awareness
  • reduced pain, anxiety and stress
  • heightened mental clarity and problem solving abilities
  • overall sense of well being
  • greater satisfaction in daily life