Radiance Healing Arts
Let Your Life SHINE!



All Inclusive!  Everyone is Welcome Here!

Radiance Healing Arts provides an eclectic blend of intuitive sessions, including various therapeutic massage and manual therapy techniques, Reiki, aromatherapy, spa services and compassionate listening.  These sessions are offered by a licensed massage therapist and physical therapist assistant, Reiki Master and empath, communication trainer and lifelong healer committed to supporting your needs for balance, rest and rejuvenation as your Radiant Self comes back to light.

Bodywork for Every Body Shape and Size

Amy Bean LPTA, LMT #7081 
Portland, Oregon ~ (503) 780-1478



  • Radiant brightness or light
  • Warm, cheerful brightness
  • The quality of being bright and sending out rays of light 
  • An attractive combination of good health and happiness
  • The quality or state of being radiant
  • Resplendence, splendor, brilliance

Let Your Life SHINE!